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...we can’t even begin to describe the friendliness of your people. Kind, always reaching out and most of all going above and beyond when we needed help. We are truly thankful for the hospitality we encountered everywhere we went. However, we also had the most amazing moments of solitude with just us, the desert and starry nights. Driving along your endless roads was sometimes wearing us out but we got rewarded with amazing sleeping spots. But you’ve also tested your limits to the max - being stuck in your capital, Khartoum, without money, nowhere to sleep and often without AC and energy was…horrible. But even then, we could always rely on someone to help us out of our misery. Sudan, it is love and hate with you, but love will always win.   



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   As of November 1, 2020.  


SDG (Sudanese Pound)

Official: 1 SDG = 0.015 EUR

Black Market: 1 SDG = 0.0047 EUR 


Official: 8 SDG (0.04 EUR)

Black Market: 120 SDG (0.56 EUR)


40 SDG (0.19 EUR)


At embassy in Cairo (150 USD)


Negative test result, not older than 48 hours. 

(done in Aswan, Egypt)


41.6 Mio (2019 est.)


0.507 (Rank 168)

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