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 BENZINO  (aka Bjoern)

… is the one who gets us wherever we need to go, the fastest way possible even though someone else always makes him wait. He’ll also take care of our tan, having a bottle of tanning oil always at hand (while Katharina tries to sneak sunscreen on to him whenever possible). Having caught a few bad viruses while travelling, he does get quite paranoid around mosquitos - they’re his nemesis and he’s on a mission to extinct them all. One thing Bjoern will probably never learn is his individual spice level – he overestimates his ability to eat spicy food every. single. time. 

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 K-GIRL  (aka Katharina)

… thinks the reason she never catches any viruses is the very large but yet appropriate amount of disinfection supply she brings along (well, at least up to the near-death experience on the flight back home from Myanmar). She is always hungry and when her needs are not being met, she becomes hangry – a state of mind that Bjoern tries to avoid all costs because from there on things escalate quickly. The good thing that comes from it is Katharina’s ability to find the best food in town. Or village. Or the middle of nowhere. Teaching is her comfort zone, so she’ll get us all the infos we need. And also, those we don’t need.

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