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November 5th, 2022

Oops, I did it again.
I finished an Ironman.
3.8 km Swimming.
180 km Cycling.

42.2 km Running. 

"Just because you have done it once, doesn’t mean the second time will be easier."

Signing up for the Race

If you've been bitten by the triathlon bug you have no chance but keep on chasing that next finish line. So, this is where I found myself in the beginning of 2022 - signing up for a full distance Ironman again, stupid enough to think this time it will be easier. 


The whole story wasn't my idea alone. I can blame my friend Hotte on bringing me into this madness. The only thing this guy had finished so far was a pack of cigarettes. Now he was dedicated to get rid of bad habits, cut down on beer, and get himself a training plan.


Personally, I had a couple of decent reasons to sign up again and still have a score to settle with Ironman racing after my slightly bumpy experience in Copenhagen 2019. Therefore, I was easily convinced, and we both signed up for the Ironman in Panama City Beach, Florida.