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Ambuluwawa: Not your ordinary temple

Sri Lanka Pt. 2 | Conquer the crazy narrow spiral Staircase to the top of the tower


The Ambuluwawa Tower is one of the most unique architectural structures for any temple. Situated on the top of Ambuluwawa Peak, a 3567-foot mountain located outside of Gampola in central Sri Lanka.

The creation of the tower dates back to the 13th century under King Buwanekabahu IV. It’s Sri Lanka’s first multi-religious temple which takes architectural influence from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian religions.


Visiting the Ambuluwawa Tower

After three days at Roy’s in Sigiriya, it was time to move on. We decided to take a driver because we were about to cover quite some ground the next couple of days. First stop: Ambuluwawa Tower - it’s a representation of the 4 religions Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam existing in peace side by side.

At the entrance of the park we left the car and took a tuk tuk 🛺 up a very very steep hill - a possible location for an infamous road bike challenge. The tower itself is quite impressive - built in the 13th century it stands 48 meters tall and you’re able to climb it via the spiraling 🌀 staircase that winds around it on the outside.

But beware: it’s pretty narrow and exposed up there, but you’ll be able to make friends: while we were stuck at they top, waiting for a group to let us pass, we met a girl from Ludwigsburg and made fun of her because she graduated from Goethe Gymnasium instead of Schiller (which is known for creating quite the prodigies).


Dates travelled: 26.03.2024


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