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The buzzing streets of Colombo

Sri Lanka Pt. 9 | Spending a day in the capital of Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka’s largest city, Colombo is the gateway to the beautiful island nation. When the coastal area of the island came under the rule of the Portuguese and later, the Dutch, Colombo was used as the capital city. In 1796, Colombo came under British rule and Colombo continued to be the capital city of the island, which was then known as British Ceylon.


Since our dive in Hikkaduwa had been cancelled, we made a last minute change of plans and did what everyone told us not to do: headed to Colombo for a day of exploring the city.

Colombo is dirty, there’s not much to see, it’s a crazy hot concrete jungle…well, sounds like it’s worth a try! We got around easily by tuktuk, went to the Gangaramaya Temple which was basically a huge junk shop full of former donations (including but not limited to a rocking horse, an alligator and a BMW).

Afterwards we headed to see the famous Kathiresan Hindu Temple 🛕 and the Red Mosque before we jumped on the bustling streets of Pettah, where every alley is dedicated to a different kind of goods - gold, fabrics, electronics…).

We jumped under the roof of the clothing and toys area just in time to not get soaked by the sudden tropical downpour. Dinner at Galle Face Green Food stands including sunset got cancelled due to the rain. Instead, we headed to Ranbath, a vegan and sustainable restaurant that serves local Sri Lankan cuisines.

It was then and there that it was revealed to us: we had been served the European spice level the entire time! How did we know? We realized once Benzino got very quiet and then very sweaty and then had to hold his head between his hands to compose himself, whispering “I might not make it” between painful breaths.

Surprise: He made it! On our last day we had some finals things on our todo list: Morning pool session. Hipster brunch place (Seed Cafe). Last TukTuk ride and adios Sri Lanka 👋





Dates travelled: 04.-05.04.2024


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